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Toma Valkov

Toma Nikolaev Valkov is a talented boy only 8 years old, who plays the piano at the age of 5 and wins medals at all competitions. Even very tiny, he managed to impress his musical pedagogue with his desire to play piano and the readiness to learn new and more complicated plays. Appearing in competitions impresses the jury with the freedom with which he moves his hands on the keys, his talents and his skills for his fragile age, and last but not least he was born to the stage - a small artist playing the big piano.

For three years, Toma has not only performed very well at many concerts of my piano class in the town of Kazanlak but has also successfully performed at fifteen national and international competitions in Bulgaria. At these prestigious music competitions, in difficult competition, often with much more experienced and larger players, he has won fifteen awards, including eleven First Prizes.

At the invitation of members of the jury and the organizers, Toma participated in many concerts and laureates of national and international competitions.

During the school year 2016-2017, participated in thirteen competitions and won thirteen awards, of which: nine first, two second and two thirds."

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