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Om Shrikam

Om describes himself as “cheerful and also a deep thinker.” He has played the piano now for four and a half years, and says that playing is fun because “I can make my own music. I want to get better at playing. It makes me feel good.” He was motivated to learn a new piece based on its harmony, like “The Spruce” by Sibelius. Om enjoys playing for himself. His favorite piece is Beethoven’s “Für Elise” and he enjoys listening to pieces from the Classical era including Mozart, and Beethoven, and solo piano. This year Om studied compositions by Sibelius and Ravel. He now looks forward to playing works by Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. Om believes that the piano is a good instrument to learn because “it’s easy at the beginning to learn the notes. People like to listen to it, and it keeps them focused.” To progress though, “you need patience, a good memory, the ability to stay focused and a lot of practice.” His suggestion to younger pianists is “don’t think about forgetting the notes. Pretend you’re at a recital to help yourself get ready for it.” Om has also played bells at school, and participated in Band. Om just recently graduated fifth grade from The Long Ridge School, and is currently a student at St. Luke’s School. Along with piano, Om also enjoys squash, chess, skiing, biking, and skateboarding. He also enjoys reading, mixing music and experimenting with Garage Band. This year Om performed in a recital for the Schubert Club at the First Congregational Church in Darien and played at his graduation ceremony in June. When he grows up, Om would like to be an architect. Music is his passion and he hopes to continue mastering the Piano!

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