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Erdenetangad Soronzonbold

Erdenetangad Soronzonbold, goes by Tuvana, has been playing the piano for seven years. Tuvana is currently studying at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Pre-College with Chia-Lin Yang. Previously, he went to the Mongolian Conservatory of Music and studied with Myagmartseren Tserenjigmid. Tuvana moved from Mongolia to the United States two years ago. According to him, ""Music is the way to express his feeling."" At age of 9, ""Villa De Madrid"" Tuvana was awarded 2nd prize in Madrid, Spain; he also won 2nd place in Best Kabalevsky Performance at GCC in 2017, 4th place in the United States Open Music Competition, and 3rd place at the Bay Area Music Association Competition.

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