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Emily Livitz

My name is Emily Livitz and I am a Junior at Monte Vista High School. I am very intelligent, artistic, responsible, reliable, kind, and a dedicated/hardworking young woman. I am proud to say that I am gifted in the piano field because of my utmost passion for it. My learning skills, patience to music, and dedication are excellent, and have progressed from the beginning years of being a pianist to my current, more mature years. I have had the wonderful privilege to experience the beauty of what piano offers for the past 10 years. My teacher told me that it is not only a joy to teach me because of the emotion i feel while I play, but because I absorb all the sounds around me and I am a very quick learner. I started my music education when I was only six years old and this is my passion, my life, my dreams. When I play, I enjoy each second of the piece I am playing, and almost feel as if I am living in the music. Simply pressing the keys gives me those feelings that I am there in the composition together with the composer. Piano is not only about the beautiful sounds I am able to create, but I feel as if I am painting a picture when I play. I have a great ear for the cultural world of music, knowing composers from the Baroque Period up to Modern art and pop songs, as well as showing interest in learning composers around the world. I have a passion for music of the Romantic Period and Classical Periods. I have many accomplishments that I am proud of and would love to share with you: I am the winner of 4 Sonata Competitions for Contra Costa Branch, I have gotten first place in 7 Baroque Festivals, 3rd place in US OPEN Piano Competitions, and for these past 10 years, I have passed the California Music Teacher Association CM exam. Furthermore, since the age of six, I have been playing monthly recitals in the Orinda Church. Piano allows to express myself in ways I never knew I was able to. In addition, every year I enjoy to perform for elderly people in the Tice Valley Retirement Apartment complex. I believe piano is a "communication" device between people, where each note represents a word and that word has to be listened and delivered to the audience.

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