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Emily Livitz

My name is Emily Livitz, I am a senior at Monte Vista High School, and my home is where there are eighty-eight keys. I was three years old when I heard the sound of Chopin wafting through my house. I approached the stairs and peered over the railing to see my mother pressing down on each key and swaying from side to side as passion exploded from her fingertips. As each note became a word and each melody became a phrase, my mother told a story through the keys. Ever since that day, I have desperately wanted to tell my own story. My source of inspiration has always been my mother. I saw how she instilled her love for music to each student and individual she saw. Because of her, I have taken every opportunity to do the same. I play monthly recitals in the Orinda Church since my freshman year of high school. I am the winner of Sonata Competitions for Contra Costa Branch since 2010, until 2016. I am the first place winner of all Baroque Festivals (2010-2018). I am also the winner of US OPEN Piano Competition: January 2012, January 2013. In addition, I am an East Bay Women's Club Winner of a $500 Piano Scholarship, as of May 2017. These are some of my most prized accomplishments, but the one that I am truly proud of is becoming part of the Music Student Service League, where, each month, a group of student musicians go to senior communities and perform any instrument of their choice. Each time I play on the piano, the insatiable passion I have for music continues to grow as strangers come up to me afterwards, thanking me for the beautiful music I brought to them. If I am asked where home is, I respond with, “where there are eighty-eight keys”.

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