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David Kotler

David Kotler is a student of Professor Pavel Nersessian at Boston University, where he is majoring in human physiology with a minor in piano performance. David has been the Division 4 first prize winner of the 2015 Steinway Society of Massachusetts piano competition, a second prize winner at the 2017 NEPTA Alice Hamlet piano competition, a third prize winner at the 2015 NEPTA Ruth Davidson piano competition, and a finalist at the 2014 A.Ramon Rivera piano competition. In 2013, he received a NEPTA’s Wanda Paik Award. David is also a graduate of the Maimonides School in Brookline, MA, where he served as co-president of the Music is Medicine Chapter - an organization committed to bringing music to hospitals and nursing homes.

David is also an avid painter and former high school varsity wrestler. His artwork has been selected twice for publication in the Marble Collection – The Massachusetts High School Magazine For the Arts. As a wrestler, he has been a champion at the 2017 Henry Wittenberg Nationals, and a four-time captain of the Maimonides varsity team.

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