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Zhen Wei Wong

Zhen Wei is a lively and cheerful child, loves to laugh and passionate about music.  He started attending piano lessons with Natalya Kuznetsova in 2012 at the age of 5. After 2 years of lessons, he participated in his first live international piano competition at Rome, Italy, the Anemos XXI International Competition and was awarded 2nd prize with the score of 94/100. There after Zhen Wei has participated and won multiple solo and ensemble awards both in Singapore and international awards for past 7 years in USA, Greece, Austria, Italy, UK, France, Germany amongst others. He also expresses keen interest in song writing & composition. He has submitted an original song composition to Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2016 for the theme song competition and was given a certificate of participation by the SYF Committee as a recognition of his contribution to the theme song competition.

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