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Shiang-Yu Wang

My name is Shiang-Yu Wang. I love playing cello! I wanted to play this instrument since I heard it for the first time I saw Cellist Yo-Yo Ma performed it on YouTube. Born in Taiwan, I have joined Tainan City’s Youth Orchestra since 2nd grade and learned music theory, cell skills, piano and collaboration during this wonderful Orchestra experience. Each year, I attended cello contest to show my passion and learn from other players. Last year, I successfully entered the Houjia Middle School that has a special music program for talented music students. After 5 years of playing, I came to Stanford University with my parents this year. I am taking orchestra class at Terman Middle School. In addition, I am recommended by my cello teacher to join the Peninsula Youth Orchestra in the San Francisco Bay Area, and encouraged to attend this professional music competition. Thank you very much!

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