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Senuka Abeysinghe

Senuka is a 6th grader at McCormick Elementary School in Loveland, OH. He is a piano player and a music composer. He takes piano lessons and Music Theory/Composition lessons from Dr. Jessica Madsen and Dr. Ellen Harrison respectively of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM). Senuka has won multiple First Place or Gold Medal in local and regional piano competitions including CCM-conducted Auditions Festival (2015 and 2017) and Tri-state Piano Concerto competition (2016). Senuka has received honorable mention (Ohio-wide) twice in Composition competition (2016 and 2017) conducted by Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) for Ohio. Senuka has completed Royal Conservatory of Music Program-conducted Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Theory Exams (2015, 2016, and 2017), by earning First-Class Honors with Distinction in each case, while he was an Elementary School student. Also, Senuka plays violin under Dr. Yera Lee in her private studio. Senuka loves watching Tennis and playing Tennis competitively.

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