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Danica Scofield

Danica (7) is in third grade. She has been taking piano lessons since she was almost 5. Last year, she placed second in her age group and played at Carnegie Hall, New York in the American Protege competition. Later in 2016, Danica traveled to Thailand to participate in a national medical conference and a university fundraising concert which led to a couple interviews on the local news. In both 2016 and 2017, she was one of the winners at the PianoFun MN. In 2017, Danica was selected to play in 2 master classes with Dr. Scott McBride Smith and Boris Slutsky. She also performed at the e-Piano Junior Festival Closing concert at the University of Minnesota. Besides playing the piano, Danica loves reading, doing arts and crafts, playing boardgames, and playing outside with her twin brother.

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