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Jean Ying Fong

Jean Ying started group music lessons at age 3 at Yamaha Music School , and commenced piano lessons at Seimpi School of Music at age 6. She has a soft spot for piano music from the classical and romantic periods and her favourite composers are Mozart and Chopin. She is a sensitive performer who is attracted to music that conveys deep emotions or elegance. Her achievements include First Prize at Singapore Steinway Youth Piano Competition in 2014, Gold Medal at International Young Gifted Musicians Festival “Passion of Music” (USA) in 2015, First Prize (with Special Mention – “Best Mozart Performance”) at International Music Competition Grand Prize Virtuoso (UK) in 2015, First Prize at The Muse International Music Competition (Greece) in 2015, and Semi-Finalists at both National Piano & Violin Competition (Singapore) in 2015 and Singapore Steinway Youth Piano Competition in 2016.

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