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Ilina Lenkova Mihova

Ilina Mihova was born in 2001 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

She started her musical education at the early age of 5 at an arts school in Stara Zagora.

She has participated in concerts in many cities in Bulgaria.

When she was 10, she was accepted to the National School of Music in Sofia after a competitive entrance exam. Her music teacher is Mrs. Milena Pavlova, and she has helped her understand and appreciate composers such as Schumann, Bach, and Beethoven.

In addition, she has taken professional level classes with Professor Rafael Salinas from Spain, Prof.Agatha Leimoni from Greece, Prof. Borislava Taneva from Bulgaria, Prof. Lili Boyadjieva and Prof.Wladkovski from France, and Prof. Marina Plyasova from Russia, Prof.Bojidar Noev, Prof. Maria Prinz, Aglika Genova and Luben Dimitrov etc.

She won First place reward on the International Competition of Romantic Music 2014 and performed at Winners recital at Carnegie Hall New York on March 2015. There she won the prize „Best performance in the American Protégé“.

After that she earned First prize winner at Grand Prize Virtuoso Paris 2015.

She became First prize winner at the VIII International Music Competition 2017 Belgrade Serbia and First prize winner at the Grand Prize Virtuoso Salzburg 2017. She also won a third prize in International Young Talent Music Competition 2017, Belgium and second prize in Masters of Piano Sonata 2017.

Music is her passion, and Ilina determined to pursue it as a career.

Her other interests include reading, swimming, playing tennis and cycling.

She also loves playing with her puppy “Swetie”.

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