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Saniya Burman

Saniya Burman 13, is a 7th grade Violist at Beckendorff Jr. high in Katy, Texas(USA). She learns Viola from Rebecca Tompkins and Piano with Diana Lopez. Originally from India, Saniya moved to Lenox, Massachusetts at age 4. She has been Learning Piano since age 5 and participated in several piano recitals at the Berkshire Music School. She also played Clarinet as the part of the elementary school Band.

Saniya now plays Viola at her school's Honor Orchestra program. In 2017, she earned a superior in her viola solo performance with class I rating. She also received a silver medal at her grade state music theory test. Saniya also played Piano at the KMTA Sonatina Festival and received a superior rating. Recently Saniya participated in the Piano Ensemble at the Texas Music Teacher Association Convention in Dallas, Texas, where she received a Gold medal and ""Superior Plus"" rating at the "All Star Festival".

In addition to her musical interest she is the part of the gifted and talented program at her school and is a member of the National Jr. Honor Society . She enjoys reading and Math and wants to make her own music compositions.

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