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RULES: Artist of the Year

Periodicity: Annually


July 12 - 19

July 20 - Sept 6
Competition Awards Announcement:

Sept 7


Artist of the Year is

  • the only one of our competitions exclusively open for participants who have won an award from our competitions in a given period of time (see timing details below).
  • the only one of our competitions without a qualifying round (pre-screening) round. 
  • the only one of our competitions with a non-shareable first prize in each age group and category.


The 2nd Edition of Artist of the Year Season 2017 - 2018 is 
June 16, 2017 - June 15, 2018

You can easily check if you're eligible to submit an entry - please scroll down to the bottom of this page. For clarity and avoidance of doubt, you will find the list of competitions for the period as stated above.

I. 5 – 7 years
II. 8 – 10
III. 11 – 13
IV. 14 – 16
V.17 – 19
VI. 20 – 22
VII. 23 - 25

AGE GROUPS (ensembles)
The same as above. Take into account the average age of the ensemble' members. 

I. Instrumentalists
II. Singers
III. Ensembles (instrumental and vocal groups from duo/duet to octet)


One free-choice piece from the Standard Repertoire: baroque, classical, romantic, modern and contemporary musical eras.

Participants can apply with a previously submitted piece for some of our competitions or with a new repertoire.
  • One movement from large scale works e.g. concerto or sonata is considered as one piece.  
  • Transcriptions/Adaptations/Arrangements are acceptable. For example, a piece of music adapted for another instrument(s) than which it was originally composed.
  • It's not required to know the piece by heart.
  • Applicable for piano instrumentalists only: the performance should be solo or with orchestra.
  • Applicable for all instrumentalists except pianists: the performance should be solo, with piano accompaniment or orchestra.
  • Applicable for singers: the performance should be “a cappella”, with instrumental accompaniment or orchestra.
  • Participants are required to submit a video recording* of their performance (YouTube link or other online video platform) 

    * Video recordings (audio not acceptable) must be genuinely performed by applicants and may not be edited, nor should any effects be added. This means you're not permitted to use video editing software to correct or enhance the sound.
    If you submit YouTube links, be sure your video(s) have the proper settings:
    YouTube Video Manager → videos → Basic Info → from the drop-down menu, please choose "Public" or "Unlisted". Do not choose  "Private". If your video is "Private" we won't be able to view it.

    Application Instructions

    It's easy:

    1. Pay the administrative fee of $32.50.

    - Payment Method: pay with a PayPal account or with a bank account, debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit, via PayPal.
    - The Administrative Fee is Non-Refundable.
    - In the Aplication Form, please insert the PayPal Transaction ID.

    2. Fill out and submit the relevant Application Form via an encrypted connection on a HTTPS web page:

    • Eight qualified judges will be evaluating audition materials.
    • The decision of the Jury is final and can’t be appealed. 
    • The awards will be based solely on the video recordings submitted.
    • Multiple awards will be given in each age category.
    • The Jury may award additional special awards or specific acknowledgements.
    • The winners will receive diplomas. Their teachers may receive certificates by request.
    Competition Awards Announcement
    The competition results will be published on our website.

    Great Composers Competition reserves the right to make any changes into the rules, dates, schedules and other information related to the Competition.

    The 2nd edition of Artist of the Year Season 2017/18 is open exclusively for prize winners from one or more of the following competitions:
    • The 1st editions 2017 of the following competitions in the BEST PERFORMANCE series:
    Best Beethoven Performance, 2017
    Best Debussy Performance, 2017
    Best Dvořák Performance, 2017
    Best Elgar Performance, 2017
    Best Kabalevsky Performance, 2017
    Best Liszt Performance, 2017
    Best Rossini Performance, 2017
    Best Saint-Saëns Performance, 2017
    Best Scarlatti Performance, 2017
    Best Shostakovich Performance, 2017
    Best Sibelius Performance, 2017
    Best Verdi Performance, 2017
    Best Wieniawski Performance, 2017

    • The 1st editions 2018 of the following competitions in the BEST PERFORMANCE series:
    Best Ravel Performance, 2018

    • The 2nd editions 2018 of the following competitions in the BEST PERFORMANCE series:

    Best Bach Performance, 2018
    Best Bartók Performance, 2018
    Best Brahms Performance, 2018
    Best Chopin Performance, 2018
    Best Grieg Performance, 2018 
    Best Handel Performance, 2018
    Best Haydn Performance, 2018
    Best Mendelssohn Performance, 2018
    Best Mozart Performance, 2018
    Best Prokofiev Performance, 2018
    Best Rachmaninoff Performance, 2018
    Best Schubert Performance, 2018
    Best Schumann Performance, 2018
    Best Tchaikovsky Performance, 2018
    Best Vivaldi Performance, 2018

    • The 2nd edition 2017 of MASTERS OF SONATA series: 
    Masters of Piano Sonata, 2017
    Masters of Violin Sonata, 2017
    Masters of Cello Sonata, 2017
    Masters of Winds Sonata, 2017

    • The 2nd edition 2017 of MASTERS OF CONCERTO series:
    Masters of Piano Concerto, 2017
    Masters of Violin Concerto, 2017
    Masters of Cello Concerto, 2017
    Masters of Winds Concerto, 2017

    • The 2nd edition 2017 THE ART OF INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMANCE series:
    The Art of Piano, 2017
    The Art of Strings, 2017
    The Art of Woodwinds & Percussion, 2017

    • The 2nd edition 2017 of THE ART OF VOCAL PERFORMANCE series:
    The Art of Musical Theatre, 2017
    The Art of Opera, 2017
    The Art of Art Song, 2017
    The Art of Sacred Music, 2017

    • The 2nd edition 2017 of The Art of Chamber Music

    • The 2nd edition 2018 of The Music of America

    • The 3rd edition 2018 of THE MUSIC OF EUROPE series:
    The Music of Germany & Austria, 2018
    The Music of Eastern Europe, 2018
    The Music of Mediterranean Europe, 2018
    The Music of Northern Europe, 2018

    • The 3rd edition 2018 of THE MUSIC OF THE CENTURIES series:
    The Music of 20th Century, 2018
    The Music of 19th Century, 2018
    The Music of 18th Century, 2018
    The Music of 17th Century, 2018

    • The 2nd edition 2018 of RISING TALENTS OF THE WORLD series:
    Rising Talents of Americas, 2018
    Rising Talents of Europe, 2018
    Rising Talents of Asia & Oceania, 2018
    Rising Talents of Africa, 2018

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