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Yuriy Rogachev

Yuriy Rogachev is 9 years old, Russian-born, and currently lives in the USA. Showing a great interest in music, he began taking piano lessons at age 4.

Yuriy began studying with Emi Murata in 2013, winning numerous competitions and participating in many festivals and recitals, including the Chicago Area Music Teachers Association's Sonata-Sonatina Festival (1st Place in 2017; 2nd Place in 2016), Roberta Savler Piano Contest (2nd Place in 2017), Illinois Music Association's Olympic Contest (3rd Place in 2017, 2nd Place in 2016; 3rd Place in 2015), Granquist Music Competition (3rd Place in 2015, 1st Place in 2014), Salt Creek Area Music Teachers Association's Achievement in Music Honors Recitals (2016, 2015). He has also performed at Make Music Chicago, as well as College of DuPage's McAninch Arts Center Belushi Performance Hall with the Glorious Grands: A Piano Extravaganza!!! (2017, 2014), an 8 Steinway-designed grand piano concert, held every 3 years.

Always very energetic, Yuriy also enjoys Taekwondo and swimming.

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