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Viktoria Vlahova

Hello, I am Viktoria Vlahova from Bulgaria.
I have been playing piano since I was six years old, but I am participating in musical competitions for the last three years.
Because of all the passion and efforts that I put on my music I have won many international and national competitions, some of which I will mention below:

• First prize in Salzburg at Grand Prix Virtuoso with an invitation to play at the concert of laureates there.
• Second Prize at Grand Prize Virtuoso 2017 London
• First Prize at the International Competition Viva Piano - Sofia 2017

For the last year I have won:
• From International competitions – Three First Awards, Two Special Awards, Five Second Awards
• From National competitions – Eight First Awards, Two Special Awards, One Second Award.

I am glad that you appreciated me for the final part of that competition and I hope to satisfy your expectations!

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FREE Entries: October 8 - 15

FREE Entries: October 8 - 15

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