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Miranda Lemoine Moreno

Miranda Lemoine Moreno was born on June 2 2004 on Monterrey N.L,she started practicing the piano in 2009. She has participated in various international events, festivals and masterclasses in 2012 and 2014. She has also attended to international Festival of Mexican Music in Tabasco and in Cancun‘s International Festival. She is student in the Faculty of Music of the UANL in a special group of talent. Her mentor is Dra.Antonina Dragan.

She has won 1st on International Laredo Caompetition in 2013 and 2nd place on Young Pianist Parnassos in 2015. On May 29 of 2017 she made her debut at the Carnegie Hall as the winner of 2nd Place at American Protege Music Competition and in the same months she obtained 1st place on Volgogrado Rusia, a 3rd place on San Petersburgo, Rusia Contest. She has also obtained 1st place in Great Composers by the category of Edvard Grieg in London as the best interpretation

On July 11 2017 she participated on Wiener Saal, Mozarteum in Salzburgo, Austria as the FIRST PRIZE Winner which she receive a scholarship at CONARTE

In the month of November 2017 she participated on Piano Contest Claudio Herrera in Durango when she obtained 3rd place on her category.

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