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Mariam Owrang

Mariam is 13 years old and is a multitalented 8th grader. She started to learn both piano and violin when she was 4 years old. She has been taking both piano and violin lessons from Dr. Yumei Huang since 2013.

She performed violin solo several times at the Texas A&M International University. In 2017, she won second prize in 2017 International Music Competition – The Music of 17th Century. She is the Concert Master of her School’s Honor Orchestra and Regional Middle School’s Orchestra Concert. In past years’ UIL music, Mariam’s violin solos are rated with top grade in the top category. Besides violin, she has received numerous honors with “superior plus” in National Piano GUILD in the past years as well.

Mariam enjoys math, science, reading, writing, drawing, playing tennis, skiing, and swimming. She represented her school to compete for MATHCOUNTS at both city and state levels. She has won various awards in many of these activities including math, science, swimming, and tennis etc. She loves spending time with her friends and family.

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