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Kiana Ngai

Kiana Ngai started studying piano at the age of 7 with Dr. Angela Chan at Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts. In 2014, she won 1st place and 3rd place in the Youth Music Festival Quebec Ontario. In 2016, she won the Platinum trophy in the Lambda Music Competition, and subsequently in 2017, she was awarded the Concerto Trophy at the Quebec Music Competition hosted by the Concours International de Musique et des Beaux Arts.

Kiana is also a devoted violinist. She started taking violin lessons since 4 years old and she joined the Montreal Suzuki String Orchestra since 6 years old. She has performed in major provinces in China, including Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou in 2016.

Aside from receiving intense musical training, Kiana is also an avid dancer. She started taking ballet, jazz and tap dance lessons since the age of 4, and she has joined the dance competition team since age 8. Kiana has won numerous awards at Candance, American Dance Awards, Shine, and the Canadian National Dance Competition.

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