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Jeannine Zhou

Jeannine started her first piano lesson with Dr. Marina Lupinacci shortly before she turned five and has since enjoyed playing piano.

She won first prize of 2017 Best Schumann and The Music of 19th Century, and second prize of Best Grieg and Artist of the Year, all at Great Composer Competition Series. She also won first prize in 2018 Golden Classic Music Award International Competition and performed in the winners' concert at Carnegie Hall in New York. She and her duet partner, Katie Lee, also won first prize at Pittsburgh Pianio Teachers' Association competition.

She is currently a second grader at Hosack Elementary School and likes all kinds of extracurricular activities. Her regular activities include North Allegheny Soccer Club practice and game, and a figure skating lesson weekly. She also studies violin and hopes to join the school orchestra in the fall. She follows Mr. Seneca, the gym teacher, rigorously by scooting, biking and tagging an hour a day.

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