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Ivaylo Vassilev

Ivaylo Vassilev is born in 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 2014 he is a student of Mrs Emilia Kaneva in the National School of Music in Sofia.

At the age of 11 he has an impressive collection of prizes already, the most important of which are:
• Diplomant (5th place after 4 rounds) – III International Piano Competition “Vladimir Krainev” (Moscow, 2019);
• Golden Nutcracker – XIX International TV Competition for Young Musicians “Nutcracker” and several special prizes, like a professional CD recording and invitations for performances at CMS Moscow, at the Music Academy “P. I. Tchaikovsky”, for festivals in Moscow and St. Petersburg – (Moscow, 2018);
• I prize – II International Piano Competition “Ciudad de Leganes” – (Madrid, 2018);
• Grand Prix – one for all age groups up to 25 - International Piano Competition ""De Bach au Jazz"" – (Athens, 2018);
• I prize- III online “Future Stars” International Piano Competition with artistic director Krystian Tkacsewski - 2018 –≥.
• I prize – VII International Piano Competition “Anna Artobolevskaya” (Moscow, 2017);
• He has 5 first (piano solo) and 2 second (chamber music) prizes from ""Great composers competitions"" series since 2017;
• I absolute prize (100/100) – VIII International Piano Competition “Interfest 2017” and the highest within all age groups special prize “Filippo Trevisan” (Bitola, Macedonia, 2017)
• Grand Prix – IV Global Online “Enkor International Music Competition 2017”, section “Piano“, age group A – up to 10 y.o., with the highest score amongst all the participants up to 25 y.o.
• Diplomant of the IV International Festival-competition ""Astana Piano Passion 2017"" under the patronage of Denis Matsuev (Astana, 2017)
• II prize - IV Cesar Franck International Piano Competition (Brussels, 2016)
• Winner - XVI ""M√ľnchner Klavierpodium"" and 6 (all but one) special prizes (Munich, 2016)
• III prize - XII International Competition ""Young Virtuosos"" (Sofia, 2016), category up to 11 y.o. (age 8)
• II prize - XLVIII International Competition ""Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte"" (Usti-nad-Labem, 2015)

Ivaylo has participated in several international piano festivals, amongst the few selected pianists, like:
Wunderkinder 2018 (Toblach, Italy – a part of the South Tirol Summer festival)
Piano Extravaganza (Sofia - 2016, 2017, 2018) under the patronage of Ludmil Angelov;
Stage4Kids (Hamburg - 2016, 2018);

Ivaylo is laureate of the Grand Prize of “D. Berbatov” Foundation, supporting gifted children in Buglaria, for 2017/2018 school year in category “Art, I-IV grade”, being also one of the 3 finalists for 2016/2017. For the school year 2017/2018 he was also awarded by Bulgarian Minister of Culture with a special certificate for young artists, for high cultural achievements.
As a soloist he has performed with: Konstantin Ilievsky and Simphonietta Vratsa; Mischa Damev and Moscow State Academic Orchestra; Nikola Petrov and Simphonietta Vratsa; Georgi Patrikov and Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra;
His piano concerto repertoire contains already 4 complete piano concertos from J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, D .Shostakovich.

Ivaylo has played in most of the famous music halls in Sofia, including “Bulgaria” Hall and Bulgarian National Radio Concert Hall, also in the music halls in several other Bulgarian towns. Abroad he has performed in “P. I. Tchaikovsky” Concert Hall (Moscow), “Rachmaninov Hall” of State Conservatory (Moscow), the International House of Music Chamber Hall (Moscow), “Laiezshalle” (Hamburg), Anderlecht Music Hall (Brussels), Opera House Ghent (Belgium), “Gustav Mahler” Hall (Toblach, Italy), Steinway House Munich.
Ivaylo plays chamber music, accompanies, improvises, arranges various music styles. He also has already many compositions for piano solo, chamber music (mostly violin and piano), also a concerto for piano and a Baroque orchestra; some of them are already performed.

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