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Celina Hoeferlin

Celina Hoeferlin was born in 2010 in Taiwan and shortly 6 weeks later she lives with her family in Mainz, Germany. She took her first piano lesson at the age of 5 , and 9 months later she's won the first prize and awarded as a youngest winner in Mendelssohn Piano Competition in Frankfurt Rhein Main. She's now taking lessons from Prof. Ms. Chitta-Stegemann in Dr Hoch's Conservatory. Celina ist the first prize winner of ""Jugend Musiziert"" in Piano solo group in 2017 and was invited to perform at the winners' concert. In May 2017 she's won the 1. Prize Laureat with highest score in Mendelssohn piano competition and will perform at the winner‘s concert in June, 2017.

She loves to talk through her fingers about her story behind the music.

Her hobbies are classical ballett and painting. She can speak German, Chinese, English and a bit Spanish.

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