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Sooji Kim

Awards and Prizes
 Winner, Missouri State Concerto Competition 2016
 Graduate Assistantship in accompanying, Missouri State University 2015-2017
 Honorable Mention, Missouri Music Teachers Association State Auditions, 2015
Graduate Piano Division
 Alternate, Shandong Province Young Artist Competition 2013

Performing Experience
 Solo performance at Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts with Missouri State 2016
Symphony Orchestra
 Solo performances at Ellis Recital Hall, Missouri State University, 2014-present
 Collaborative performances at Ellis Recital Hall, Missouri State University, 2014-present
 Senior Recital at Qingdao University, China 2014
 Solo performance at Qingdao University, China, 2010-2014
 Accompanied Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto No. 1, Op. 73 2013
 Performed Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 49 2013
 Accompanied Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16 2014
 Performed Beethoven’s Cello Concerto in B-flat major for graduate recital in China 2011

Professional Experience
Accompanist, National Association of Teachers of Singing Regional and State
Competitions 2016
Accompanist, Missouri Fine Arts Academy 2015-present
Accompanist, The First Presbyterian Church , Nixa MO 2015-present
Guest Performer, United Church Choir Festival 2015
Accompanist, Qingdao Korean Baptist Church 2007-2014

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