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Jenny Kang

I began playing piano as a mere seven year old simply because it seemed fun, and piano has grown to play a large role in my life. Whether it is through the solo repertoire I play or piano four hands, music provides stress relief for me and happiness in the best way possible. Participating in state level piano competitions such as Allstate and Georgia Music Teachers Association have allowed me to mature as a musician and delve deeper into the repertoire I have studied. Ever since a young age, I enjoyed singing and playing around with music in any way possible, and that same curiosity and passion for music have not left me. For as long as I can remember, music has always been transcendent to me: an art form that breaks down the most indestructible language barriers with ease. Growing up, I used to be painfully shy in social circumstances, but playing piano has allowed me to communicate with others in meaningful ways that I once thought I was incapable of.

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