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Tay Hsien En Shannen

Shannen Tay, from Singapore, 11 years old; started her musical journey at a tender age of 3 and has developed strong interest in performance arts since then. Her piano performance has been described as “Passion and expression from the gut! Bravo!”, “Stylish playing that promises much for the future!”, “Great handling of the complex musical texture! Natural and expressive playing!”, “Wonderful Work!”, “Bravo on your performance of this marvelous piece!”……

Her artistic performing in Piano, Violin and Singing has gotten her numerous awards including Distinction Award at Singapore Youth Festival Competition 2018, 3rd place award at the Annual Great Composers Competition-""The Artist of the year"" 2017, Gold award at Annual Great Composers Competition-Best Performance ""The Music of America"" 2017, 2nd place award at the Annual Great Composers Competition-""Best Bach Performance"" 2017, 2nd place award at the "Grand Prize Virtuoso" International Piano Competition 2016, 1st place award at American Protégé Music Talent Competition 2015, to name a few.

Shannen has performed at memorable events and prestigious concert halls such as Carnegie Hall in New York City, USA and was invited to perform at London Royal Albert Hall, UK. In Singapore, she has performed in Victoria Concert Hall and Esplanade Concert Hall. She was also featured in Magazine “Beyond Arts and More”- Music Connect, Texas (USA).

She displays a passion for sharing her gift of music by guiding other children in Singapore, including her 2 younger sisters. Besides music, she believes in gaining a variety of experiences. She enjoys swimming, rollerblading, ballet and traveling. Indeed, masters of any art tend to pursue excellence in a variety of other areas, which interact to produce further excellence.

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