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Tay Hsien En Shannen

Shannen Tay, from Singapore, 10 year old and her interest in music started at a tender age of 3 and has developed strong interest in playing the piano since then. With an absolute pitch talent, she has accelerated in appreciating music and has always challenged herself to learn more inspiring pieces. Her passion and interest in playing the piano is well exhibited in her performance. She enjoys playing at the recitals and participating in the national and international piano competitions, including “Grand Prize Virtuoso"" International Music Competition (Piano) 2016 London, UK, 2nd Place Award and was invited to perform at Royal Albert Hall in Dec 2016, ENKOR International Music Competition (Piano) 2016 3rd Place Award, Performed at the Carnegie Hall, New York, USA in March 2016 American Protégé Music Talent Competition/ Piano and String Competition Winner’s Recital, Asia-Pacific Music Competition 2016- (Piano) 3rd Place Award, American Protégé Music Talent Competition 2015 1st Place Award, American Protégé Piano and String Competition 2015 3rd Place Award, Asia Music Competition 2015 Piano- Children (Professional)- Silver Award, Ars Nova Music Festival 2014 Piano- Gold Award, Singapore National Piano Competition 2013- Participant, Ars Nova Music Festival 2013 Piano- Silver Award, Asia Piano Competition 2013 Children (Professional)- Bronze Award, and local Music Festival 2013- Best Performance.

Apart from music, she enjoys roller blading, ballet, swimming and reading. She is also a caring sister to her younger sisters.

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