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RULES: Best Kabalevsky Performance

FREE Entries: Nov 30 - Dec 7
We invite you to submit your video records absolutely FREE of charge. 

The contestants who pass the qualifying round (pre-screening) are entitled to take part in the final round.

An annual tribute to Dmitry Kabalevsky and celebration of his birthday.  
The competition is designed in such a way that the award winners will be announced on December 30, the birthday of the great composer.

This competition is part of Best Performance competition series.

November 30 - December 30
Periodicity: annually

Free Entries:

Nov 30 - Dec 7

Dec 8 - 10
(reviewing of the submitted video recordings)
Notification of the approved contestants:

Dec 11 - 12

Dec 13 - 15
(submitting application form, portrait photo, and payment of the administrative fee)

Dec 16 - 22
Processing of results:

Dec 27 - 29
Competition Awards Announcement:

Dec 30

The Best Kabalevsky Performance Competition is open to instrumentalists of all nationalities and countries up to 25 years.

  • Previous winners are permitted to apply. There's no restrictions as to the number of times a contestant can apply to a competition;
  • Contestants are permitted to submit entries to as many competitions as they want in any given year;
  • One and the same piece could be eligible for submission for multiple competitions. For example, a piece by Mozart is eligible for Best Mozart Performance but also for The Music of Germany and Austria, The Music of 18th Century, and other competitions. Read the Rules of each competition you're interested in to see if you can submit one piece to multiple competitions.

– Instrumentalists
– Ensembles (instrumental groups from duo to octet)

AGE GROUPS (instrumentalists)
I. 5 – 7 years
II. 8 – 10
III. 11 – 13
IV. 14 – 16
V. 17 – 19
VI. 20 – 22
VII. 23 - 25

AGE GROUPS (ensembles)
The same as above. Take into account the average age of the ensemble' members. 

  • One free-choice piece by Dmitry Kabalevsky.
    For large scale works e.g. concerto, sonata or opera: one movement for instrumentalists or aria for singers
  • It's not required to know the piece by heart.
  • Transcriptions/Adaptations/Arrangements are acceptable. For example, a piece of music adapted for another instrument(s) than which it was originally composed.
Rounds of the Competition
The competition is divided into a qualifying round (pre-screening) and a final round.
Both rounds are online.

  • Participants are required to submit a video recording of their performance (YouTube link or other online video platform) by email. Within the same email, please include your name, age and nationality; name of the piece and composer; and the competition you apply for. Please send your submissions to the following email address: [email protected]
  • The video recordings have to be made not later than 12 months preceding the date of your submission.
  • The video recordings (audio not acceptable) must be genuinely performed by applicants and may not be edited, nor should any effects be added. This means you're not permitted to use video editing software to correct or enhance the sound.
    If you submit YouTube links, be sure your video(s) have the proper settings:
    YouTube Video Manager → videos → Basic Info → from the drop-down menu, please choose "Public" or "Unlisted". Do not choose  "Private". If your video is "Private" we won't be able to view it.
  • The approved contestants will participate in the competition with the same piece submitted for the pre-screening.
  • Only those who are selected in the qualifying round (pre-screening) are entitled to take part in the final round.
  • Only the approved participants can apply. Read more by clicking here.
  • The approved contestants will receive a notification and invitation to apply by email according to the competition schedule.
  • The Application Form along with portrait photo, and proof of payment (PayPal ID) of the administrative processing fee of $32.50 should be submitted according to the competition schedule.

  • Eight qualified judges will be evaluating audition materials.
  • The decision of the Jury is final and can’t be appealed. 
  • The awards will be based solely on the video recordings submitted.

  • Multiple awards will be given in each age category.
  • The Jury may award additional special awards or specific acknowledgements.
  • The winners will receive diplomas. 
Their teachers may receive certificates by request.
A Teacher's Certificate may be requested not later than 30 days after the announcement of the competition's results. To make a request for a Teacher's Certificate, please click here.

    Competition Awards Announcement
    The competition results will be published on our website.

      Great Composers Competition reserves the right to make any changes into the rules, dates, schedules and other information related to the Competition.

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      FREE Entries: Nov 17 - 24

      FREE Entries: Nov 30 - Dec 7

      FREE Entries: Dec 27 - Jan 8

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