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Jessica K. Wong

Jessica Wong is 15 years old and has been playing the piano for nine years under the tutelage of Mrs. Lynn Nakamura. In her spare time, she enjoys filmmaking, creative writing, and still photography. However, music is truly one of her greatest passions. Because of her love for music, she's taught herself how to play the ukulele, guitar, cello, and the cajon. Jessica is an active officer and member of a non-profit organization called the Joyful Noise Project. She along with a group of high school aged musicians provide musical instruction to children residing in homeless shelters. Jessica has won numerous piano competitions. These are just some of the honors she's received: CAPMT State Honors Audition Second Place winner, Southern California Junior Bach Complete Works medalist, Glendale Piano Competition winner, SYMF winner for many years, Liana Cohen Music Festival First Place winner for three consecutive years, Los Angeles Young Pianist First Place winner for two consecutive years, Virginia Taylor Scholarship First Place winner for three consecutive years, Colibri International Music Festival First Place & Grand Prize winner, Protege International Romantic Competition Second Place winner, and completed Piano Certificate of Merit Level 10.

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