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Charlotte Loukola

Student in Sibelius Academy Junior Department since 2012. I will be touring Asia with the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America this summer after our concert at Carnegie Hall. Last summer I attended the Heifetz International Music Institute. I have competed in several competitions including:

•2017 Great Composers Competition Series, Artist of the Year, 2nd prize
•2017 Great Composers Competition Series, Best Vivaldi Performance, 1st prize
•2017 Great Composers Competition Series, Best Bach Performance, 1st prize
•2016 Enkor International Music Competition, 3rd prize
•2015 21st Century Art Competition in Lempäälä, Finland, 1st prize
•2014 Savshinsky International Music Competition in St. Petersburg, Russia, 3rd prize
•2014 Stockholm International Music Competition in Stockholm, Sweden, 3rd prize
•2013 Walgreens National Concerto Competition, Chicago, USA, honorable mention

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