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Boris Petkov

My music edication started when i was 5 years old. My father is a pianist, so i wanted to became a musician like him. I love music and the way it affects over people's emotions and souls! When i was 12 years old i had a personal concert in my school, where i performed 15 two-voices invention from Bach by heart. After the concert i known that this will be my way in life, so started to practise more, i have visited a lot of master classes like Jason Kwaik's from Texas university, Anna Petrova's master classes from Sam Houston State University and prof. Boyan Vodenicharov's master classes for piano and improvisation (Royal Conservatory of Brussels) . I have participated in Musica Mundi chamber music festival 2 years in a row. Also i played a Mozart sonata in D dur in MOZARTHAUS, Vienna on the bithday of the composer. I have 1st prize in a 3th edition of the academic competiton "J.S Bach"- Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2015), 1st prize in "Schumann - Brahms" international piano competiton, 1st prize in "Golden Key" international piano competiton (2015) and a 1st prize in "BURSA NILUFER INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITON"-2017 and 3 years in a row grantee of "1000 scholarships".

I like playing jazz and in a free time I compose my own piano pieces. My favourite composers are J.S. Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Sergei Prokofiev.

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