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Eric Alan Rudkevich

Eric Alan Rudkevich started playing piano at the age of 4 at the Arlington Piano Studio. He and his brother are the first piano players in the family. Eric's parent's love of classical music made a huge impact and subsequently grew into a passion. Under the influence of his older brother playing piano, Eric also decided to play piano. He likes Romantic Era Music (Chopin, Beethoven, Johann Strauss) and loves to play Mendelssohn, Bach, and Kabalevsky. Eric is a 4-time gold medal winner of Fall Piano Contest at University of Texas at Arlington, 3-time winner of the AMTA Counts-Tinker Cyclical Contest, and a 3-gold medalist of the Theory test in the University of Texas at Arlington. He is currently studying under Galena Koerkenmeier at the Arlington Piano Studio and is at 6th Grade musical theory level.

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APPLICATIONS: July 19 - 26

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