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Yunzhi Guan

Yunzhi Guan, a talented Chinese pianist, guided by well-known pianists including Xiangdong Kong and Dachun You.

She attended Shanghai Conservatory Secondary School and began to perform extensively across China. At the age of 16, Yunzhi left Shanghai for Walnut Hill School for the Arts and followed pianist Yafei-Chuang. After several years of training, in September 2012, she was successfully enrolled in New England Conservatory awarded both NEC Scholarship and NEC MERIT GRANT scholarship. During her time at NEC, she was deeply inspired by pianist——— Victor Rosenbaum.

Yunzhi is an active classical pianist, participated in many events during her musical education period in both China and USA. She now has become a regular performer in major concert halls. In 2012, she held her solo recital at the major concert hall of Walnut Hill school for the Arts. On March 1st, 2014, she conducted her first solo recital at New England Conservatory; at the same year, She performed in the Shenzhen Concert Hall in Shenzhen, China.

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