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Jessica Jiang

Jessica is a twelve year old eighth grader. She has been playing piano since she was four. She is currently learning piano from Mr. Bill Lutes and was previously taught by Mrs. Linda Bramlett. Jessica won prizes in the global online Great Composers Competition series in 2017 (First Prize, Best Mozart Performance, Second Prize, Best Mendelssohn Performance, and Second Prize, Best Chopin Performance, in age group III). She received honorable mention in the Philharmonia Orchestra Concerto Competition of the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras in 2017, the Midwest Young Artists Walgreens National Concerto Competition and the Madison Symphony Orchestra Fall Youth Concerto Competition in 2016, all in the USA. She won a prize (top ten) in the Henle International Piano Competition 2016 in the 9-11 year old group. She also won the first place in the Sonatina Festival, Verona, Wisconsin, USA, in 2015 in the 11 year old group, and gold medals in the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) state-level Solo and Ensemble piano solo competition in 2015 and 2016. Jessica received an honorable mention in the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association (WMTA) State Badger Keyboard Competition in 2016. Besides playing piano, Jessica is a first violinist of the Philharmonia Orchestra in the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras. She also plays saxophone in the Jazz band of the Jefferson Middle School. Jessica loves music, and has participated in many musical activities including school concerts, talent shows, and recitals. Besides music, she excels in math, writing and speech. She is also keen on swimming, ice skating, soccer and tennis, and is an avid reader.

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