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Clari Ma

Clari Ma is a piano student of Dr. Angela Chan at Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts in Pierrefonds, Montreal, Canada. Clari has been studying piano since she was 5 years old, and she enjoys public performances. Despite such a tender age, Clari has already been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall three times. She won first place in the Crescendo International Competition, as well as received first place in the Golden Classical Music Competition. Clari is also a regular champion in the Montreal Classical Music Festival organized by the Quebec Music Teachers' Association, and competitions organized by the Quebec Music Educations Association.

When Clari was two years old, she fell sick and was admitted to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. She was tremendously grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff who were very kind and attentive to her. This led Clari to decide to give back to the community. Since 6 years old, she requested friends not to offer her any birthday presents, but rather donate the funds to support the Montreal Children’s Hospital to help those in need. Clari has performed many benefit solo recitals to raise funds for the Montreal Children's Hospital and Montreal Chinese Hospital.

Clari is currently a 4th Grader at The Study in Montreal, Quebec. She also has very diverse interests. Clari received an orange belt in Tae Kwan Do. She also enjoys taking painting and drawing classes, culinary arts, and is very experienced in assembling Lego blocks.

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