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Stephenson|Gan Duo, USA

Jia-Rong Gan, Violin
Timothy Stephenson, Piano

Stephenson|Gan is a violin-piano duo based in Tallahassee. Formed in January 2015,the duo performs widely in the Tallahassee area, with engagements that take them throughout the state of Florida.

Both Stephenson and Gan enjoy flourishing careers as soloists and chamber
musicians, each having garnered many accolades in their respective fields. As a duo,they have put on a number of successful recitals and engaged in multiple recordingprojects with London-based recording engineer, John Hadden.

Stephenson|Gan seeks to discover new opportunities within the arts community.
Coming from a diverse background, both members of the duo share a passion for the beauty of cultural diversity and, as a result, are actively seeking ways to promote equality and support through their art. Inter-arts collaborations and innovative performances are coming to the fore as these two young artists continue to take the stage together.

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