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Eos Sextet

Eos Sextet, USA

Sam Detweiler, Soprano saxophone
Curren Myers, Alto saxophone
Fangyi Niu, Alto saxophone
Grace Chen, Tenor saxophone
Andrew Lammly, Tenor saxophone
Justin Rollefson, Baritone saxophone

The Eos Sextet is an exciting chamber ensemble devoted to expanding the possibilities of saxophone chamber music. The Eos Sextet has worked to create a new set of repertoire for the saxophone sextet medium. By commissioning contemporary works from composers such as Gregory Wanamaker, Carl Schimmel, and David Dies, in addition to creating original arrangements of classic masterworks, Eos continues to build upon the rich tradition of saxophone chamber music in an innovative way.

The members of the Eos Sextet are students of Dr. Christopher Creviston at the Arizona State University School of Music, where they formed in 2016.

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FREE Entries: Oct 8 - 15

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