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Emilia Lappalainen

Emilia Lappalainen began to play the violin at the age of five in the Jokilaaksot Music Institute, where her first violin teacher was Tomasz Orzech. Currently her teacher is Janne Jääskelä.

At Summer courses she has been taught by Heini Eklund, Päivyt Meller and Silva Koskela at the Kälviä Music Camp and by Piia Kleemola and Päivi Hirvonen at the Haapavesi Folk -festival.

Emilia won the 1st prize from the Great Composers Competition 2017, she came 2nd at the Great Composers Competition 2016 and she got honorable mention from the ENKOR Competition 2016.

As a soloist Emilia performed at the ”Nuorten Luosto Classic” - music camp 2019 with the NLC -orchestra works by Jean Sibelius: Romance and Mazurka for violin and orchestra.
She performed as a soloist the 1st movement of Vivaldi’s A Minor Violin concerto with the Haapavesi Chamber Orchestra (HAKO) 2017. Orchestra-playing-experience she has from playing with HAKO, Virtuoso Futuro di Kälviä -String Orchestra and the NLC-orchestra.

She has performed also at the Passauer Saiten -Festival in Passau, Germany and at the Uuden Musiikin Lokakuu -Festival in Oulu, Finland.
She has played over 100 gigs with folk music group ”Miukeli". Her other hobbies are skiing and dancing.

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