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Albert Chen

Albert Chen is a 10th grader at Hinsdale Central High School, Illinois. He is currently studying piano under the instruction of Sueanne Metz. He has won various awards and honors at local, regional and international piano competitions such as the CAMTA Sonata Festival, Granquist Music Competition (Olympic level), US New Star Piano Competition, American Fine Arts Festival Piano Competition, American Protege International Music Talent Competition, Great Composers Competitions Best Beethoven Performance, Master of Piano Sonata, Best Schumann Performance, among others. He performed at Carnegie Hall twice and participated in multiple piano summer camps. He is also an active member of 88Keys to Cure, a non-profit organization that gives young musicians the opportunity to perform in various concerts to benefit charities and promote the value of music to younger and older children. Besides piano, Albert enjoys playing tennis and creative writing.

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