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Jason Chen

Jason Chen was born on May 1st 2010 in San Diego, CA. He just turned to 6 years old, is a kindergartener in Mary Tracy School in Orange CT. He has been taking piano lessons with Felicia Feng Zhang in Greenwich, CT since he was four years old. Although he played piano for only one and half years, he has made huge progress and built strong and fast reading playing skills. He has been able to accomplish many repertoires with different styles. He is a fast learner and has developed strong passion for performance. When Jason was four year old and has been playing piano for only six months, he beat the second place in Crescendo Little Mozart Competition, which earned him the distinction of being one of the youngest to ever perform at Carnegie Hall. Since then, Jason has won numerous prizes, including several Gold Medals and First awards, at various music Festivals and International piano competitions.

Recently Jason won prizes in several prestigious International Piano Competitions including: Gold Metal in AADGT's International Young Gifted Musicians Festival ”Passion of Music 2016”. Gold metal in National Young Maestro Competition 2016. Second Place in American Protégé International Piano and Strings competion 2016. On May 1st 2016, Jason performed in Carnegie Hall as a competition winner on his 6 years old birthday for American Protégé winners concert. This is his fifth time to perform in such a prestigious venue as a winner.

Jason also plays Hockey in the Senators Hockey team in Shelton Rink. He is also a member of Amity swimming team and Wudang Kungfu team. He takes art class and plays soccer in Everson Soccer Academy.

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