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Brielle Funk

Brielle Funk, is nineteen years old and is a student in the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. While pursuing her interest in the biological sciences, she is also continuing her private piano lessons with Sara Jane Schmidt.

Brielle began her musical adventures at the age of 5. Throughout her piano studies, Brielle has participated in many local music competitions and provided music for church, school and other functions. Highlights include many duets with her brother (also a pianist), several first place finishes in the Winnipeg Music Festival, and performing a concerto with her high school concert band. Her achievements have been recognized with numerous awards including the MRMTA Nita Eamer Music Scholarship (2013 & 2015), the Phyllis Holtby Music Scholarship (2014), and the MBCI Music Scholarship (2014). In addition, she achieved her Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) ARCT in Piano in 2014.

Brielle also excels in her academic studies and was awarded the University of Manitoba Queen Elizabeth Entrance Scholarship (2015), the Maria J. DeFehr Science Scholarship (2015), the University of Manitoba Chown Scholarship (2015), the Governor General’s Bronze Medal (2015), and Presidents Scholarships (2016 & 2017).

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