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Yiling (Giving) Chao

Yiling Giving Chao, from Cleveland, Ohio, is twelve years old. She began to study piano with Mrs. Gao then Mrs. Chu when she was three. She likes to play piano because she enjoys the music. Music makes her relaxed.

As a pianist, she is open to trying all kind off new pieces.

She can be really focused on her practice when no one is around. She loves listening to music and playing piano. She hopes that by the time she is in high school, she can become a young music teacher and teach little children on playing piano she does. Besides playing piano, she enjoys ballet, flute, learning different languages, and playing volleyball.

She won third place in the Great Composers Competition 2018 in the category of 20th century of ages 8-10 at Global Great Composers Competition - The Music of America of ages 8-10 and Global Great Composers Competition - Best Bach Performance of ages 8-10. She also won third place in the Ohio Buckeye competition and won second place at Global Great Composers Competition-The Music of America of ages 11- 13. She won superior rating on junior festival of the American federation of music for 3 years. On top of all the awards, she won third place in the American protégé and was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall.

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