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Timothy Dang

Timothy Dang is a fourteen year old student from Ohio in 8th grade at Menlo Park Academy. He enjoys football, basketball and swimming. Besides music, he also enjoys engineering and fishing. Since he was 4 years old, he has been playing piano and has started playing clarinet since age 10. Joining the school band in 5th grade, he has been a clarinet player ever since. Being awarded Ohio’s Most Outstanding Junior Award in 2015, he also won 1st place for the Elizabeth Gerber Piano Competition in 2013. Awarded honorable mentions at multiple competitions, he has performed a number of various recitals and performances at senior houses and other public places. Timothy has participated in multiple different piano competitions and at the Ohio Junior Fortnightly Competition he was awarded another Honorable Mention. The Cleveland Composer’s Guild has a program called Learning through Experience where a composer writes a piece specifically for the student and Timothy has participated for the past 3 years. Timothy has won 2 Mock Trial Showcases in Columbus. Timothy has also won the School Invention Convention in 2014 and 2015 in which he won First Place in the Ohio state competition in 2015. Timothy is very interested in math and has won multiple math competitions. He enjoys writing stories, reading in his free time and plays guitar for his Church Youth Group. Timothy continues to pursue his goals in life in school, sports, music and engineering.

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