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Joyce Liang

After awaking from my dream, I stared at the ceiling of the quiet bedroom. At that moment piano music flew into my ears, and struck me by its melody. I jumped out of my bed and followed the music to sneak down the stairs step by step. Soon approaching the piano, I saw the back of a pianist and his dancing fingers over the keys.

Being a six years old girl, I had less knowledge about everything. However that piano piece touched me deeply, until today I still vividly remembered it.

Before hearing this piece, I always thought that piano was a black, and boring sound box and never paid any attention to any music from it. But that music from that pianist brought me into a new world, where I found my joy and my comfort. The emotions and feelings of the pianist came into my heart with the flow of music, and the fingers, that music, everything, assembled into a picture in my mind. Since then, the notes of that music had imprinted in my heart. 

Five years later, I started to play the piano. With the memory of the music, I searched for its score and composer. By chance, I eventually found it, Fur Elise, by Beethoven. As I practiced I realized the sadness with happiness harmonized into this romantic melody.

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