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C.H. Henry

Sings for Music Theater International for their cds that accompany their plays; sung backup vocals for Michael W. Smith, David Benoit, Darius Rucker; sings the opening of games with the National Anthem solo for Vanderbilt University and Nashville Sounds; Pharaoh in Joseph and Technicolor Coat in Middle school play & 1st lower school child to receive a lead part at school; spy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Dr. Craven this year for Middle School play, "The Secret Garden"; sang for the Nashville Ballet's Midsummer's Night Dream, sang in the CMA Country Christmas 2014; sings for Positive Penni book; Nashville Spotlight tv show several times 2015; acted for several episodes in the Nashville show and Still the King show 2014-2016; Nashville Children's Touring Choir (4 years); pitch perfect group at the Act Too Company, and singer in CMA Festival Showcase June 2015.

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