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Arthur Edman

Music, especially classical music, is something that Arthur have been passionate about for many years. Arthur was born the 23 of August 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. He started playing the bassoon when he was nine years old, at the age of ten, he won the first prize at the Stockholm International Music Competition.

2014 - Stockholm International Music Competition 2014, first prize
2015 - Stockholm International Music Competition 2015, third prize
2016 - International Music Competition London Grand Prize Virtuoso 2016, grand prize as bassoon soloist.
2016 - International Music Competition London Grand Prize Virtuoso 2016, grand prize as a duo with accordion and was selected to perform at the Royal Albert Hall
2016 - The Great Composers Competition 2016, The Music of 17th Century, first prize and second prize in The Music of 19th Century.
2016 - International Music Competition Enkor in Düsseldorf, second prize.
2016 - Stockholm International Music Competition 2016, prizes in three different categories.
2016 - International Music Festival-Competition ”Stars at Tenerife”, first prize.

In the year of 2012 Arthur auditioned for the Lilla Akademien, The Junior Academy of Music, where they have a tailored program for classical soloist and orchestral musicians. Where he also studies Cello and Piano equally as much as he studies the bassoon.

Arthur performs often at public concerts and other cultural events, and is already making a name for himself in the Swedish musical society. He has also performed at Royal Albert Hall in London and in Moscow International House of Music.

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