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Simon Kirjner

Simon, 12 is a seventh-grader at Harker School in California. He has been playing the violin since age 3. He started his studies in the studio on pedagogue Elizabeth Faidley in NJ and currently studies with Elizabeth MacCorquodale in California. He has performed multiple competitions and played in multiple venues including the Weil Hall at Carnegie Hall, Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center. In April 2017 he won the Grand Virtuoso International Music competition performing at the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall. 2018 he won the Grande Virtuoso International Competition Rome and played at the Teatro Paco de la Musica, he was also the first prize winner for the Prima Volta Music Competition,  the N.Y Artists international Competition and Golden Classical Music Awards, and of the  International Music Competition ""Paris and London"" Grand Prize Virtuoso. In 2019 he was awarded First Prize in the International Music Competition Vienna, Grand Prize Virtuoso. In 2020 he won the Golden Classic Music Award, with a performance scheduled for the Weil Hall at Carnegie Hall.

When he is not practicing the violin Simon enjoys practicing Soccer and Brazilian Jujitsu.

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