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Jonathan Lin

Twelve-year-old Jonathan attends Lake Ridge Academy, Cleveland, Ohio. He started to play piano at age four and violin at six. He is the concert master at school orchestra.

As a winner of 2017 Ohio OFMC Outstanding Junior Award, he earned multiple superiors, four Gold Cups and Third place for piano solo for 2016 Elizabeth Gerber Award from the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs.

From Great Composers Competition, he won Third Prize of 2018 Best Chopin Performance for piano solo/Third Prize of violin solo for the Artist of the Year(2016/17)/First and Third Prize of piano and violin solo for the Music of centuries/Second Prize of piano solo for the Music of Eastern Europe.

For American Protege International Piano and Strings competition as well as Music Talent Competition, he won Honorable Mention for 2016 piano solo, Third and Second Place for 2017 piano and violin solo, Third Place for 2018 violin solo, Second Place for 2019 piano solo and performed at Carnegie Hall.

For OhioMTA Buckeye audition, he won Honorable Mention in 2016 for piano and in 2017 for violin.

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