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Howard Dai

Howard Dai is 13 years old and lives in Northbrook, Illinois. He started piano in 2013 with Sueanne Metz at the age of 9. He started to attend piano competitions after four months of study and has won many awards in the following years. The most recent prizes include gold medal in CAMTA Sonata-Sonatina Festival in 2016, gold medal in NSMTA Sonata-Sonatina Festival and first prize in CAMTA Roberta Savler Contest in the same year. In year 2017, he has won the gold medal in CAMTA Sonata-Sonatina Festival, the first place in Carmet Klavier International Piano Competition, first prize in Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition and performed in Vienna, and the second place in the ISMAT (Illinois State Music Teachers Association ) Piano Competition. Howard also plays piano in his school orchestra and has performed at local schools and nursing homes. In his spare time he likes to read, play tennis, chess and video games.

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