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Emmie Guo

Emmie Guo, age 7, student of Sueanne Metz, recently won the 1st Place and Judges’ Distinction Award at The American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music. Winning first place at The International Milan Piano Talent Competition in Italy at age 5, she is also the first place of The Hartford Chopin International Competition, the first place winner of MFHC Piano Competition, first place winner of Sejong Music Competition, and a prize winner of The Bradshaw and Buono International Competition and Los Angeles International Piano Competition. In July 2015, Emmie’s performance was judged as the first place by the Enkor jury board of 362 music professionals from 70 countries. Emmie has been invited to perform at Chicago Culture Center, 98.7 WFMT radio station and twice at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
Emmie enjoys sharing her music at libraries, senior centers, friends’ birthday parties, and at events to raise fund for her charity Chicago Public Schools. Besides piano, Emmie composes and sings children songs. She turns herself into a pony cartoonist after drawing thousands of ponies on the back of her schoolwork. Emmie Guo’s Piano Achievements: • Mar, 2013: Started piano lesson at age 4 with Mrs. Sueanne Metz. • Jun 2013: 1st Place, Granquest Competition Solo, and Duet (Geneva IL) • Nov 2013: Gold Medalist, CAMTA Sonata Festival (Chicago, IL) • Dec 2013, 1st Place, American Fine Arts Festival • Mar 2014: Performed at Carnegie Hall (New York, NY) • Jun 2014: 1st Place, Milan International Piano Competition (Milan, Italy) • Oct 2014: 1st Place MFHC Piano Competition (Chicago, IL) • Nov 2014: 1st Place & Best Korean Piece, Sejong Music Competition (Chicago IL) • Nov 2014: 1st Place & Judges’ Distinction Award at the American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music • Dec 2014: Performed at Carnegie Hall (New York, NY) • Jan 2015: Performed at Chicago Culture Center (Chicago, IL) • Mar 2015: 1st Place, Chopin International Piano Competition (Hartford CT) • Jul 2015: 1st Place, Enkor International Piano Competition, judged by over 100 music experts from 70 countries. • Jul 2015: 2nd Place, Young Musician International Competition, (Los Angeles, CA) • Aug 2015: Emmie’s 1st fundraising gig at Chateau Busche (Alsip IL) • Oct 2015: Emmie’s 1st recording for a radio station: 98.7 WFMT (Winnetka, IL)

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