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Aurelia Faidley-Solars

Aurelia Faidley-Solars, 7-years old, is a cellist in the studio of Diego Garcia and is in the second grade at The Elisabeth Morrow School. Aurelia has won several competitions, including Great Composer's International Competition, The Crescendo Competition, and the Golden International Music Competition. Aurelia has performed at Carnegie Hall three times and at Royal Albert Hall in London. In April, 2017, she performed a Vivaldi Concerto as a soloist with the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra in NYC. In October of 2017, she will perform at Carnegie Hall with the NY Concerti Sinfonietta after being chosen as a "Star of Tomorrow". Besides cello, Aurelia is a very serious student of ballet, joining the School of American Ballet in 2017 and is a talented visual artist. A budding actress, Aurelia has been featured in the Hulu Original show "The Path" with Aaron Paul. She also loves swimming, skiing, horse-back riding, and everything science!

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