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Adriana Gabrian

Romanian-born Adriana Gabrian was born on 2nd of January in Slatina. Adriana Gabrian is an extremely talented 19 year-old violinist, studying at the National College of Arts “DINU LIPATTI” in Bucharest with Professor Magdalena Ursu since 2007.
She has won prizes in numerous national and international violin competitions, such as Remember Enescu International music competition in Romania (3rd prize), Delphic Games in Ukraine (2nd) „Kocian” international music competition in Czech. Most recently, she received a third prize in Enkor International Competition in Germany.
She has received full scholarship for many music festivals and she has taken master classes with several world-renowned violinists and pedagogues including George Tudorache (Romania-Belgium) Sherban Lupu, Emilian Piedicuta (Romania-Germany) and Philip Draganov (Switzerland). 
Adriana appeared in many major concert halls across Europe since the age of 15, including Aquila Theatre in Italy and Belgrade Philharmonic Hall also in many important national concert hall in Romania including Romanian Athenaeum , George Enescu memorial house. 
Last year, she performed at the World War I 100 Anniversary Concert in collaboration with the world top orchestras and Director Maestro Riccardo Muti: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. She is currently the concertmaster at the Europan Symphony Youth Orchestra with Director Igor Coretti.

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