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GCC Series

GREAT COMPOSERS COMPETITION is a series of international classical music competitions for young instrumentalists. It's not for composers.

THE MUSIC OF series pays tribute to the classical music traditions of Europe.

We invite all instrumentalists to submit their video records absolutely FREE of charge. After a pre-screening, only the approved contestants will be allowed to participate in the competition.

February 22 - March 22, 2016

Free Entries: February 22 - 29
Pre-screening: March 1 - 2 (reviewing of the submitted video recordings)
Notification of the approved contestants: March 3
Applications: March 4 - 6 (application form, portrait photo, and payment of the administrative fee)
Judging: March 7 - 17
Processing of results: March 18 - 21
Competition Awards Announcement: March 22

The Music of Germany & Austria
The Music of Eastern Europe
The Music of Mediterranean Europe
The Music of Northern Europe

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FREE Entries: May 8 - 15

FREE Entries: May 14 - 21

FREE Entries: May 18 - 25

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